My love of miniatures goes way back to my childhood when I used to spend hours and hours with my Grandfather who was a model train enthusiast. Affectionately nick-named "Mister Christmas," I have combined my passion for miniatures with my passion for the holidays. (You should see my elaborate holiday light display!!) I build miniature vignettes using vintage clocks, cameras, radios, volt meters, airplane pieces, antique children's toys, and various other vintage and antique vessels. Each scene is one-of-a-kind and always includes tiny pieces of magic, like tiny trees, buildings, automobiles, and animals. Most pieces are lit using small LED lights and most pieces include moving parts and other interesting ideas that make each viewer feel like a kid in a candy store. I enjoy finding new ways to repurpose discarded antique vessels and giving them new life. Each of my pieces is made in my studio space at the Curtice Street Art Co op in Littleton, CO.

I was thrilled to be selected as one of only five Emerging Artists at the 2016 Cherry Creek Arts Festivel, and shocked to receive the award for Best of Show - such an HONOR, and the highlight of my career, so far. For the last seven years, I have also participated in several handmade shows and markets in the Denver area including the Horseshoe Market, the Sugarplum Bazaar, Fancy Tiger's Holiday Handmade, Mancraft and Mancraftival, the Denver Flea, and Firefly Markets. I have shown my work at Core Gallery and the Curtice Street Art Co op.

I currently live in Littleton with my family of nine, including me, my only, three boys, and four dogs.

For more information on my work, please follow me on Instagram @misterchristmas or Mister Christmas on Facebook. Thank you for taking time to visit me here!